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AK Compact – Reflex Carbon Innegra

AK Compact - Reflex Carbon Innegra

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AK Compact – Reflex Carbon Innegra

The AK Compact – Reflex Carbon Innegra has been fully optimized for wingboarding, with its highly concentrated volume, and low swing weight. Perfect for intermediate to advanced wing riders in lighter conditions, the stable platform and centralized volume create a board that is easy to throw around when jumping and doing progressive maneuvers. The high apex rail maintains the feel of a narrow board, with stability provided by the additional width when not planing.

Maneuver oriented shape with a parallel outline.
Wide top rails with a high apex rail for stability.
Narrow bottom for high-speed turning.


Full carbon innegra top deck.
Wood sandwich standing areas.
Heavy-duty foil connection.

Covering an ultra-lightweight fused EPS core, the Reflex Carbon Innegra shell provides exceptional flex and response. Innegra, an inherently lightweight and impact-resistant material, dissipates and absorbs a tremendous amount of energy, greatly reducing vibrations. The heavy-duty foil connection features a high-density load plate, which carries the load of the foil and connects it to the top deck for a direct connection between the foil and the rider.

AK Compact - Reflex Carbon Innegra



The bottom kick tail allows the rider to tilt the board upwards, assisting to force the nose to lift and release from the water. It also reduces the tail touching the water when pumping and turning.


The rounded nose and softer rails help prevent the nose from sticking on touch downs, instead recovering without losing too much speed. The mid-section runs into a single concave for maximum planing speed and works in conjunction with the hard rails in the tail area for a quick water release during partial touchdowns.


The concave deck lowers the riders center of gravity on the board and places the buoyancy higher on the rails, creating a more stable sub-planing platform. It also makes you feel more connected to the foil, improving the stability and response when pumping and turning.


The high apex combines the stability of a wider board with the ability to turn more aggressively as you would on a board 4 inches narrower. These work in conjunction with the hard release edge in the tail and a softer release in the nose for intuitive touchdowns and fast releases. This unique combination makes the Compact easier to use in lighter wind without sacrificing performance as you get up on the foil.


Packing a surprising amount of float into such a short length reduces the swing weight, keeping the board easy to pump and turn. The volume is optimized for stability and works with the high apex rail to keep the board as nimble as possible.


For pure wing performance, we kept the Compact as short as possible, with the wide nose keeping volume up front, and the rails parallel. This creates directional stability at low and high speeds, and spreads the volume more evenly between the nose and tail.



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