Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS RDM 36



  • Alarga: 0-36cm con trimado cada 2,5cm
  • Diámetro: “RDM”
  • Sistema: Base Bala
  • Incluido: Cabo dinema duotone 4mm 1,5m


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Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS RDM 36

Duotone Power XT SLS RDM 36 2022 is the SLS version, which means that it is super lightweight with only 530 grams! The extender has been given a lever that you only have to move up and down to tension your racing sails. Extremely solid ratchet mechanism. The latest version comes with a completely new adjustment ring, which offers a unique feature: based on the tried-and-tested SDM adjustment ring, the RDM version now for the first time ensures that the aluminum tube does not come into contact with the mast anymore, which avoids any contact corrosion.  In order to guarantee the same durability despite the reduced diameter, a double-walled construction of 7075 aluminum outer tube and ovalized T8 inner tube is used. Thanks to the integrated lever, it overcomes even the strongest downhaul forces, enabling perfect re-trimming or fine-tuning even when on the water. The 15 cm long lever and the ratio of 1:60 enable trimming without any noticeable effort.

Características técnicas

  • RDM mast extension
  • Weight: 530 gram
  • SLS version
  • Super light carbon technology
  • Inside sealing, avoids any water intake
  • Extension range: 2 – 36 cm

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