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Duotone Unit 2024 Teal/Dark Grey


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Duotone Unit 2024 Teal

The Duotone Unit 2024 Teal is yet taken another step ahead of the pack and is spiced with a new level of riding comfort, improved drift stability and features you simply don’t want to miss.

The Duotone Unit led the way in Wing design over the past years. Many of our competitors tried to copy and match the performance and handling, yet with the combination of wing design, technology and materials the Unit is still the benchmark out there.

The 2024 model brings us another step forward with the introduction of a long carbon front handle allowing one-handed riding, an angled strut, which increases the riding comfort and with tweaks on the outline, twist and canopy tension further improving the Units power delivery and drift stability.

Designer Ken Winner optimized the angles of the strut in the handle area, resulting in a more natural riding position with the back arm being straighter and not constantly pulled in, which is especially noticeable when riding toe side.

The second great improvement to the handling is the introduction of a significantly longer carbon front handle, allowing the rider to bring the front hand further back and fly the wing one-handed for minutes. A benefit which opens doors to new tricks and a level of riding comfort you don’t want to miss.

With further refinements to the outline and curvature as well as the twist and tension of the MOD3 canopy, the new Unit flies more precise and stable when sheeted in and has a more neutral drift when flagged out on the wave.

Whether you’re into pure and effortless carves in the surf, want to boost big airs with solid hang time or simply want to go straight forward with plenty of lift and power – the 2024 Unit is a real Winner – not only by the Designers Name – equally by the outstanding performance and its handling!



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