Foil Box With Spacers Long


What  is included?

6 spacers long : 0,25-0,5-0,75-1-1,25-1,5mm

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Foil Box With Spacers Long

Foil Box With Spacers Long is a new tool that will help you to rack your angles on your Foil to get always the same angle position inside the foil box or inside the fuselage. Our box is designen by Jose Luis Boronat Esp-100 and distributed by SPORTLINK TARIFA. It’s made in high quality PVC to resist the pressure of the piece. In this box we included 6 long spacers that they cover all the length of the box.


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What  is included?

  • 1 x -2º
  • 1 x -1,5º
  • 1x -1º
  • 1x 0º
  • 1x +1º
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