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Gaastra Vapor 2020


Gaastra Air Ride 2020

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Gaastra Vapor 2020

A sail to conquer the slalom course and secure you a spot on the podium – the Gaastra Vapor 2020 is boosting our international teamriders‘ performances and it will power your ride equally. We introduced the Cross Batten Concept with a dropped clew, which allowed us to shorten the boom length and design a wider sail foot. This results in increased power, especially in the bigger sizes, while handling and stability remain at a maximum. The Vapor 2020 provides impressive performance in the low-end and accelarates quickly out of jibes, before offering easy handling in strong gusts, when blasting down the straights.

Vapor is a no-compromise racing sail. Designed for riders who need the best acceleration, control and maximum speed. The 4-cam construction ensures amazing profile stability, which makes the sail great in gusty winds and when sailing in overpowered conditions. Smaller sizes are perfect for speed, medium for slalom, and the largest sails are for Formula. The improved battens layout ensures greater stability and better leech work. The perfect sail for professionals and ambitious amateurs who love speed.


  • 4 cams guarantee the best profile stability
  • Constant curve mast bend allows you to use the masts of most producers and provides better performance
  • The new battens layout allowed to improve the stability and twist
  • The outhaul rollers provide quick system to rig and make adjustments.
  • Easy rotating cambers make jibes easier
  • The Cross Batten system additionally stabilizes the profile






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