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JP Australia Hydrofoil Pro 2020


*Disponible desde mitad de Diciembre 2019

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JP Australia Hydrofoil Pro 2020

JP Australia Hydrofoil Pro 2020 la tabla de foil 100% diseñada para quien quiere iniciarse al mundo del foil con unas de las mejores tablas del mercado en construcción Pro Carbon. Esta tabla es ideal para riders nivel beginner tanto como intermedio y nivel experto también gracias a su tail ancho que te permiten controlar la tabla en todo momento y ofrece unas prestaciones muy buenas para upwind y down wind.


The shape that started it all is now renewed: all the latest foil shape features, like the very pronounced V and V-angled bevels in the nose area, make foiling easier and more accessible for everyone. The cut-outs are re-designed to pump the board instantly onto the foil and fly. The tail is wider and the straps further outboard for more control and power over the foil. This size is well-known for being all-round, almost universal, as it covers a very wide wind and range as well as it suits most rider weights and levels.


Originally designed for the first PWA foil races, today the 150 can be seen as most efficient and very fast lightwind foil board. It suits heavy weights and everybody who needs to use very big sails. Compared to the latest super-wide race developments, it can be pumped onto the foil with less effort and has more freeride appeal as it is way easier to sail – especially across the wind. The additional set of inboard straps aids control when flying over chop on deep downwind courses.

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