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Kite Wainman Maniac 2.0


La Maniac es ideal para aquellos kiters que quieren una auténtica “C” Wake style. En el precio esta incluida la barra.

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Kite Wainman Maniac 2.0

Kite Wainman Maniac 2.0 es la segunda generación de una potencia progresiva con un formato de tracción “C” Y 5 Líneas. Desde Hawaii el equipo de R&D a trabajado para lograr mejorar una de las mejores máquinas del pure freestyle mejorando en su facilidad de uso y transmitiendo un estilo wake style para los amantes del puro freestyle. Con un set up de 5 líneas en una de las barras mas ligeras del mercado convierten la presión de la barra en lijereza total.

MANIAC 2.0 Control Bar

Customizable, Durable & Performance
  • Multiple bar setup options
  • Swivel with ceramic bearing
  • New Large Harness Loop & Pro Leash
  • Ergonomic comfortable grip
  • Precision engineered metal center piece
  • Proven, push away Quick Release (QR)
  • Safe with 100% flagout
  • Above the bar depower
  • Increased durability of the depower main line
kite wainman Maniac 2.0
kite wainman Maniac 2.0


The ManiaC 2.0 is the 2nd generation of the proven and progressive “ManiaC” C shaped traction kite design. The Wainman Hawaii R&D Department fine-tuned the original mystical machine into an unparalleled performer that is setting the industry standard for C-kite performance. The new school ManiaC 2.0 offers a unique blend of performance and ease of use that perfectly suits all wakestyle and freestyle c-kite enthusiasts.

The ManiaC 2.0 boasts an “out the bag” production 5th/V-line as a stock setup for increased stability and easier relaunch while ensuring a lighter and desired bar pressure “feel”. With a reduced leading edge diameter and overall canopy weight, the ManiaC 2.0 has improved aerodynamics and effortless upwind performance. The combination of the refinements from the first version has resulted in vastly improved performance characteristics that include amazing slack for wakestyle maneuvers, while providing powerful pop to boost you into the air.  Other improvements included a direct feel & control, hooked in boosting and freeride spirit, and a legitimate mega looper making the ManiaC 2.0 a well rounded and serious contender in the niche C-Kite market!

Additionally, the ManiaC 2.0 and bar can be converted to a 4-line option. Multiple settings on ManiaC 2.0 provide the ability to adjust the kite to fit the riders perfect feel and performance needs depending on the riders preference. A new large inflate/deflate valve and modified single point inflation system together with an all-new efficient pump, enables the rider to get wet in a record time!

The kite is complemented by an improved customized freestyle bar system (ManiaC 2.0 Control Bar) offering a new harness loop system, an “out the bag” production 5th/V-line, all new components/molds and a thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip provides supreme handling efficiency.




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