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NorthSails Warp 9,0 F2017


La mejor vela de 4 Sables de North, ligera y máxima performance.

*color Ferrari Red- Zenith Blue


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NorthSails Warp 9,0 F2017

The NorthSails Warp 9,0 F2017 6 out of 7 won eliminations during the 2015 racing season are making the WARP 9.0LW the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. Extreme propulsion, incredibly fast, uncompromisingly designed to win. It is the ultimate World Cup racing sail. Due to NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN the WARP F2018 generates better low-end power and acceleration. Start after start and jibe after jibe more acceleration than anything else without becoming physical. That allows you to reserve energy over the entire racecourse and to keep a clear head for tactics. Combined with the unrivaled soft camber rotation, the new WARP F2018 therefore is not just the first choice for World Cup riders but for aspiring freeriders alike.

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