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ONIX Comp Wing Board with pad

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ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon
ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon
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ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon

ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon These boards have been designed, tested, redesigned and retested in the incredibly versatile range of conditions offered in Tarifa.From flat water race oriented practice to big waves +35 knots Levante and big freestyle actions, we made sure to offer a board that fits all conditions and styles. Why ? Because these boards are incredibly lights, strong, stiff and comfortable.


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ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon
ONIX wing board Ultralight Full Carbon



The outline has been thought to maximize the stability when flying and standing on the boards as well as guaranting clean landings from freestyle manoeuvers.

That’s why we kept a compact outline, with a relatively wide tail. The lenght is matching perfectly with the width to offer a very fast glide to pick up speed and get flying as fast as possible.


The concave deck lowers the riders’ center of gravity on the board and places the buoyancy higher on the rails, creating a more stable sub-planing platform.

It also makes you feel more connected to the foil, improving the stability and response when pumping and turning.


The rails have been designed to offer maximum efficiency. They are relatively compact, offering mid-sharps egdes on the bottom and rounded edges on the deck to increase comfort.

Sharp edges help to maximize stability, whereas rounded edges guanrantee a really strong construction. As we wanted our board to be a full carbon sandwhich construction with not a single blind spot without PVC, we found the perfect compromise to match both design and construction scopes.


According to our designer Sam Carentz, the tail and nose rocker are key elements in a high performance wingboard design. After testing many different boards and measuring tail rocker angles, we came to the conclusion that a 2.5 negative slope gives a really comfortable balance and foot pressure repartition during the flight.

That’s why these boards fit perfectly our Onix Foils set up as well as most of the other Foil brands without the need of adding shims. The nose rocker has been designed to complete this feeling of easy and stable glide, while performing well when surfing.

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