Race Adjustable Outhaul System CL134/CL244


Características técnicas

  • Light to operate
  • When possible use in combination with Unifiber Outhaul Pulley
  • Clamp to fit boom circumference 132-135mm over neoprene patches. Boom tube diameter 42-43mm


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Race Adjustable Outhaul System CL134/CL244

An adjustable outhaul system that allows you to fine tune your sail on-the-fly. Ideal for windsurfers who take part in competition, or for those who want increased range from their sails. By adding or decreasing the draft, you can depower or power up your sail as the conditions demand.

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Características técnicas

  • Outer rubber layered protection to avoid bold which can stick out will not damage and knock the booms arms when sailing with a released outhaul setting
  • Radius shaped design to reduce maximum amount of friction
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