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Severne Enigma carbon Boom 2019

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Severne Enigma carbon Boom 2019

Severne Enigma carbon Boom 2019 the lightest, stiffest and most durable boom in existence. AVAILABLE IN WAVE, SLALOM AND FORMULA PROFILES

The custom carbon manufacture of the Enigma booms has one main objective; to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. Unique methods have been developed to enhance the manufacture with every boom built individually with the emphasis on technology, not mass production. ENIGMA Hardware transforms your entire rig; the ultimate combination of lightweight, stiffness, ergonomics and geometry. 

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use any aesthetic seams in our boom grip. This has the same philosophy as sail seams, the less the better.

«Our new boom grip is another step to creating a longer lasting, more reliable boom: every boom is gripped using a single, solid piece of EVA rather than gluing together small pieces of different colours can fall out, or lift. It’s a very similar approach to our sails – we only use seams where they’re necessary, and on a boom there is only 1 necessary join. Reliable.» BEN SEVERNE

Logos on outside of the curve (a traditional place to put them) will rub on the ground causing irreparable damage to your boom. We use a higher density area of grip to ensure lasting grip durability even in the harshest of rigging environments.

Wave Profile 25mm carbon tubes
Wider at the front makes it easier to catch the boom during maneuvers and the narrower rear design keeps the rider closer to the power source for faster response and the most comfortable geometry. Race / slalom Kick Profile
Our most revolutionary design. Wider front end for better maneuver geometry and parallel grip position. The kick allows the deepest sails to fill without constricting the profile. This allows a very straight boom arm where the rider stays perfectly perpendicular to the rig.

Born through frustration with generic parts, we analyzed every functional feature and current issues inherent in many boom front ends. The SEVERNE LOCK JAW addresses these issues with function, reliability and performance.




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