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Severne IQ Foil Glide Junior


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Severne Foil Glide
Severne Foil Glide





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Severne IQ Foil Glide Junior

Severne Foil Glide designs are more high aspect oriented that make it more stable, more efficient and more controllable. Keeps the boom lengths short and easy to manage. Combined with a tighter leech, the leverage is increased which gets you up and foiling with a smaller sail in lighter winds.

With only 4 battens and lightweight construction, the physical weight of these sails is significantly less than other sails. For foiling this makes maintaining trim much easier, and just a lot more fun to use. Fewer battens, as well as less skin tension, makes the FoilGlide soft and easy to pump up onto the foil.

The FoilGlide is THE choice for freeride foiling.


Severne Foil Glide
Severne Foil Glide


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