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Severne Hyperglide 10m GO


Severne Hyperglide II
Severne Hyperglide II


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Severne Hyperglide 10m GO

Severne Hyperglide 10m GO es sin duda la mejor vela de foil del mercado 100% exclusiva para windfoil y mas concretamente para la practica del curse racing en las clases Open foil y formula foil. Ganadora en 2019 de multiples eventos es la mejor herramienta para afrontar una competición.

An intense R&D program followed with freshly crowend PWA Foil racing World Champion Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. Using a heavily modified version of our production FW 12.5, Steve Allen gave a glimpse of the future of high-aspect wings.  Other brands and riders were quick to follow, but where unable to replicate the performance (our production HyperGlide beat all these prototypes in Silvaplana). The superior aerodynamics of the high aspect design were obvious, but compared to FW sails required a different approach to profile stabilization;

/   Less battens to allow the profile to inflate quicker under less induced load
/   Lighter cam system as weight is critical in foil sails.
/   Reduced boom length improves control and handling.

The result of this R&D is revolutionary – the HyperGlide 2. Faster both upwind and downwind, the high aspect wing extends the wind range allowing bigger sails to be controllable even when the wind picks up.  The first competitive outing of these new designs was the FW Foil Worlds in Portugal, when Gonzalo finished 1st, and Tristan Algret 3rd.

If you’re going to be racing on foils, you want to be on the HyperGlide 2.



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