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Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023 Right Ride


Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023

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Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023

Designed in collaboration with Jaeger Stone and Stone Surf, the Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023 is the outcome of a design objective aimed at building Jaeger’s favourite board from a user friendly approach.

The Stone features a finer and longer rail on the bottom turn side to cut through chop and allow deeper grip at top speed. The top turn rail is shortened by removing the swallow, creating an ‘S’ tail which assists a ‘snappier’ top turn allowing for the tail to sink easier.

In Jaeger’s own words;
“In comparison to the boards I have traditionally used, the turns are unique. It performs the way I expect it to perform, but it also gives me more options and opportunities. It has given me the ability to push even harder off the bottom turn, meaning my approach to the top turn can become more vertical and square-on. It has given me complete confidence to jam it off the bottom in places like Margaret River, because I know it will hold, and shorten my bottom turns in onshore conditions like Geraldton because it maintains speed and flow.

The top turn is fast. It’s important to me that I have a board that holds a turn, releases, and re-engages exactly when I want it to. This new asymmetrical is so fast and lively straight off the top. It feels like everything I’ve loved in my previous boards, but the angles coming in and out of the turns are more aggressive. It is a progression for my style of riding.

It is designed so no matter what level your wave sailing is at, you can progress. I don’t see this board holding me back.”

Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023

Severne Stone Asymmetric Wave 2023

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