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Starboard Front wing Supercruiser 1700 Evolution


In 2017, Starboard Foils introduced the Original foil collection that immediately set a new performance benchmark. This generation brought with it innovations such as the racing fuselage, the carbon/metal hybrid construction and the all-torx assembly system – innovations adopted today by most other foil brands.

In 2019, we introduced the revolutionary High Efficiency Geometry with the Plus generation. By moving the front wing forward, the tail wing could be set at a lower angle, significantly increasing flight efficiency and control.

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Starboard Front wing Supercruiser 1700 Evolution

Starboard Front wing Supecruiser 1700 Evolution  la mítica ala de freeride foil de starboard pero con la nueva conexion con el fuselaje evolution que te permite poder usar todas las alas de la marca Starboard con el mismo fuselaje Evolution. Ideal para una sustentación en el aire muy cómoda para ser usada con velas no camb o de olas.






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