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Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2024


Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2024

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Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2024

The all new Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2024. The future wave of bump & jump boards. True wave performance with freeride speed. Impossible. Until today. Challenge the Kode. Experience next level performance.

Efficient flat mid-rocker into a very smooth curve under the standing area acts like an accelerator pedal and lets you ride into cruise control. Thin rails provide bite. Without grab. Double concave under the nose area boosts planing, smoothing your ride in aggressive conditions. Vee concave mid section feeds a pronounced tail Vee, empowers the Kode with more wave board turning ability than a crossover board. The 2024 Kode sensation. Different from any other Kode range ever developed. Combines more wave riding and blasting ability than any predecessors.




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