Loftsails Racingblade Orange 2024
Loftsails Racingblade Orange 2024
Racingblade is Loftsails' dedicated, no-compromise slalom racing design, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of competitive slalom racing.
The design of Racingblade has undergone continuous refinement since its inception in 2007, with the Loftsails testing team working tirelessly to perfect its performance.
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Phantom Infinite LTD 2024
  • Features i-LEX filamentary fabric in Dyneema without mylar film commonly found in racing boats
  • New reinforced construction, with 80% of the sail composed of ultra-light and strong i-LEX filamentary fabric in Dyneema with half the elongation of the same weight laminated mesh X ply
  • Radial construction at the clew to align fibers according to stress
  • Improved stability due to the low fabric elongation
  • Optimized new shape with better aerodynamic finesse and stability
  • 6 carbon battens
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OUTLET - 50%
Duotone E-Pace Rally Ed.2022
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Duotone S-Pace 2022
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