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Duotone Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB 2024


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Duotone Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB 2024


In search of reducing the drag and weight of our foils to a minimum, we decided to merge the front wing and front half of the fuselage together. This eliminates any compromise in terms of shaping the front wing to fit our fuselage front wing mount. It also allows us to remove the three bolts which are necessary to fix our “bolt on” SLS front wings on our fuselages, reducing the drag and weight even more.

The Duotone Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 D/LAB 2024 , same as the SLS variant, are quite different to our previous Carve range. They feel a lot less draggy and way looser in terms of roll, allowing the rider to do heel side to toe side turns way more naturally. The top end speed has also been increased thanks to a thinner profile towards the wing tips and the higher aspect ratio allows the Carve 2.0 D/LAB to glide and pump much better than its predecessor.

The Carve 2.0 D/LAB range is based on our new Carve 2.0 SLS range but with a few little tweaks. Compared to the SLS range, the aspect ratio is slightly lower and the profile a bit thinner and faster, to allow these wings to be pushed to higher speeds, whether it is going down fast waves, throwing the most technical Freestyle tricks or even using them for Wing Foil or Kite Foil racing.

The D/LAB range also introduces two smaller sizes, the 650 and 500, but doesn’t include the bigger 1430 found in the SLS range.

Two carbon tail options in 37cm and 43cm – respectively matching the lengths of our 60cm and 66cm AL 3BS fuselages – complete the D/LAB glider for either a loose and playful character, or higher control at top speeds.

If you want the ultimate performance, the Carve 2.0 D/LAB is the choice for any advanced to top level riders!








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