One year more Sportlink Tarifa will organize the winter windsurf trainings in Tarifa. In 2020 the trainings will run from the 15th of January until 27th of March in classic format of 3 days of training per week.

For this new edition 2020 we have Ben van der Steen NED-57 as Slalom ambassador, Sebastian Kördel GER-220 & Gonzalo Costa Hoevel Foil World Vice-Champion and Champion 2018 as Windfoil ambassadors.

The principal goal of these trainings is practicing starts and race simulations with the new PWA format between foil and Slalom where every rider will choose which gear will use. We will also practice the Olympic foil format to train “Up and Down” race course.

The main information point will be at this link: here you can find the date/place/format of the training every time that you need.

Joining a training is very simple, you only need to sign up here for free and then, every time that we announce the new day of training, you need to sign in your profile and sign up for that particular training day.

To join our trainings you need to:

  • own a valid international sailing license
  • submit your entry using the on-line system at least 14h before the Skippers Meeting
  • Pay the entry fee:
    • 1 training 40€
    • Voucher 10 trainings 360€
    • Voucher 15 trainings 510€
    • Voucher 20 trainings 640€
    • Voucher 25 trainings 750€